November 14​,​1988

by Presidential Smoke

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NOVERBER 14,1988 was the day I was born. All i ever wanted and still want in life is MORE POWER for THE MOTHERLAND of all mankind.
In this lifetime there’s a balance of GOOD TIMES & BAD TIMES I learned that GROWING UP in poverty.
I use to walk down the street and SEE & HEAR EVIL all day to the point to where now I have NO TRUST & NO FAITH.
At times I remember when people use to LAUGH AT ME because I was different.
But N-E Ways…
I put my family first. I am MY BROTHERS KEEPER until the day I die.
I once put MY FIRST CRUSH on a pedal stool until i got CAUGHT UP feeling like THE WORLD IS AGAINST ME.
But even when I feel like giving up I won’t because IM NOT FINISHED yet, not until THE END OF TIME. – Presidential Smoke

1. November 14,1988
2. More Power (ft. BeFresh)
3. The Motherland (ft. Buppy Brown & Jacko Marli)
4. Good Times Bad Times (ft. Majesty & Drafty DNA)
5. Growing Up
6. See & Hear Evil (ft. Volume 10)
7. No Trust & No Faith
8. Laugh At Me (ft. Aaron Kennedy & TreLuv “The Playboy Of Comedy”)
9. My Brothers Keeper
10. My First Crush (ft. Drama Ganza & Daniel Paul)
11. Caught Up (ft. Jake And Papa)
12. The World Is Against Me (ft. Bro Burch)
13. I’m Not Finished (ft. Universe The King & Noah Jones)
14. The End Of Time (ft. Michael The Archangel)
Produce By: Paul Cabbin
Executive Producer: Presidential Smoke

{The Meaning Behind Each Song}

1. November 14,1988
"NOVEMBER 14,1988 was the day I was born & this song talks about me coming out the womb with the doctor cutting the umbilical cord. To my parents braking up & my father taking a 7 year break & finding out I had two little sisters & a lil brother. But know matter what we go thru I still love ya!" - Presidential Smoke

2. More Power
"FTP the corrupted police, the ones with dirt underneath there nails that has hatred in there blood & will do any and everything for the money & the power. There's no justice its just us we got to come together to gain MORE POWER for our peeps." - Presidential Smoke

3. The Motherland
"I am Nigerian American true definition of African American. I do it for THE MOTHERLAND." - Presidential Smoke

4. Good Times Bad Times
"In life there's a lot of ups & downs like a roller coaster. One minute I feel like im on top of the world & in the blink of an eye i feel like the world is on top of me.
GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES." - Presidential Smoke

5. Growing Up
"GROWING UP I didn't have a pot to p!ss in nor a place to take a sh!t. Just sitting back thinking about the times window shopping saving up to get a fresh pair of shoes. But getting robbed at gun point at the age of 12 & living with the rats & the roaches made me see the world in a different view." - Presidential Smoke

6. See & Hear Evil
"There's a lot of he say she say & people praying for my downfalls. Hatred & betrayal roams the streets I can just SEE & HEAR Evil lurking around." - Presidential Smoke

7. No Trust & No Faith
"I've been having trust issues, Even questioning my religion.
I just have NO TRUST & NO FAITH." - Presidential Smoke

8. Laugh At Me
"Ha Ha Ha LAUGH AT ME to the bank. Your laughter motivates my success." - Presidential Smoke

9. My Brothers Keeper
"My brother thru thick & thin & my friend til the end. I will always be MY BROTHERS KEEPER." - Presidential Smoke

10. My First Crush
"I remember meeting MY FIRST CRUSH at Audubon middle school by the bleachers hugging & kissing getting caught by the teachers." - Presidential Smoke

11. Caught Up
"This one girl fooling around saying that she's having my baby... WOW she got me CAUGHT UP!" - Presidential Smoke

12. The World Is Against Me
"People say they got your back but is quick to back stab you, Even your close friends can turn into enemies. Sometimes I feel like THE WORLD IS AGAINST ME." - Presidential Smoke

13. Im Not Finished
"Work hard & play hard is the moto. I will not be outworked or overshadowed by anyone. When I fell like quitting I won't cause IM NOT FINISED yet." - Presidential Smoke

14. The End Of Time
"This is my eulogy. When my judgement day come I want my family & close ones to play this at my funeral THE END OF TIME." - Presidential Smoke


released November 14, 2013

Special Credits:
Buppy Brown
Jacko Marli
Drafty DNA
Volume 10 (Mr. Pistol Grip Pump)
Aaron Kennedy
TreLuv "The Playboy Of Comedy"
Drama Ganza
Daniel Paul
Jake & Papa
Bro Burch
UTK "Universe The King
Noah Jones
Michael The Archangel
Paul Cabbin
Cover Art by Majesty



all rights reserved


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